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Cunifer handles corrosive seawater well

Mainly because of their high corrosion protection, cunifer pipes are mainly used in settings with highly corrosive seawater. Thanks to their anti-fouling qualities, they are also often used in salt water systems. We would like to give you a tip when it comes to choosing a good distributor. delivers nothing but quality. You will find the best cunifer systems on their website. You can always ask them for help to make sure you choose the right product. Not in need of a cunifer system, but a bend of a specific size, such as a 5D bend? Continue reading to find out more.

The bend with the right radius

Are you in search of a bend with a particular radius? Then pay close attention to the title of the product. These names indicate the size of the bend compared to the regular bend. For example, a 5D bend has a diameter that is five times bigger than a normal bend. With a good pipe systems specialist such as, you are sure to find a 5D bend or a bend with a different radius that is perfectly customised to your project. Just be sure to ask for help with your selection to be assured that you are making the right choice.

Always ask for help

All the above-mentioned products have a very specific function and are very technical. It is therefore essential that everything is done correctly during installation. There is nothing worse than a system that does not work as it should. So be sure to choose a good specialist who knows what he or she is doing and certainly do not hesitate to ask them extensive questions about the products. The offer at a good specialist such as is very extensive and you could well get lost in it. You can always go to the website of the specialist to see if there is any extra information to be found. However, it is still advisable to just give them some more explanation based on a particular question.