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Excellent gold nanoparticles

These gold nanoparticles, or gold sols, are specifically developed for conjugate preparation. This has advantages as opposed to the direct adsorption method. Carboxyl functionalized gold nanoparticles are developed to conjugate gold nanoparticles to molecules. These molecules cannot otherwise be conjugated through the direct adsorption method. This means that the product is specifically well versed for the conjugation of small ligands. If you require the very best when it comes to nanoparticles for your scientific business, than you would do well to contact these experts from the Netherlands. Get you particles quickly by getting in touch and telling the people of Aurion exactly what you need for your business.

Gold sols that are a great addition to your company

If you wish to prepare an immunogold conjugate of high quality, you must have particles of uniform size and very high adsorptive surfaces. The gold sols by Aurion, from Wageningen in the Netherlands, are equipped to deal with your unique production process. They are polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized and based on the sizes of 6, 10, 15 and 25nm. They are made in-house by Aurion using the excellent production protocols of this company. This allows for the gold nanoparticles to have the quality you require for your scientific projects and missions.

Immunogold silver staining for your business

If you are looking for excellent immunogold silver staining, look no further than the offerings of Aurion. The immunogold silver staining this company delivers is excellent for your scientific projects and experiments. The silver enhancement reagents used in the immunogold silver staining method is trustworthy and reliable for your business. This, of course, also applies to the gold nanoparticles, otherwise known as gold sols, that are produced by these experts in Wageningen, the Netherlands. The background of the colloidal gold labelling allows for very little background deposition in your immungold silver staining.