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Improve your online interview with The Bridge AI

The competition for talent continues to tighten in a long-standing labor shortage. With unemployment dropping to 5.4% after a pandemic high of 14.8%, companies are still struggling to fill mission-critical roles. In turn, the race to hire can lead companies to rush the process, which increases the risk of making a bad hire.

One solution is helping to mitigate this risk without sacrificing the hiring timeline. The Bridge AI online interview tool puts artificial intelligence to work early in the recruitment process, so hiring managers can better use their time on best-fit candidates.

Here’s why AI is the future (and present) of recruiting and why using it early in the hiring process matters most.

What is the Bridge AI Online Interview Tool?

TestGroup is the publisher of the Bridge Personality Test, one of the most widely used personality tests in the world. We combined our industry knowledge and experience in measuring characteristics, competencies, and traits with artificial intelligence to gauge candidate personalities quickly and at scale.

The Bridge AI online interview tool takes a lot of the heavy lifting off recruiters’ shoulders by getting a feel for a candidate outside of their professional expertise before the interview. The tool sends each candidate three open-ended questions. It then uses AI and natural language processing to read their answers and develop a candidate report with scores on their Big Five personality traits and Six Drives, or competencies.

The Big Five refers to a popular personality model that measures five distinct areas: Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Each area generates a score, which are combined to form a candidate profile.

In addition, the Six Drives help recruiters understand candidates’ motivations. They can get a better feel for what drives them, their aversion to risk, and their need for reward or self-actualization, for example.

How Bridge AI Shortens and Improves the Recruiting Process

We recommend using the Bridge AI online interview tool at the onset of your recruiting. In doing so, you don’t need to wait for a face-to-face interview to start getting to know your candidates’ personalities.

While it’s no substitute for in-person interviews, it can help recruiters shorten their list of candidates they want to talk to. Recruiters can get a better “first impression” of candidates before deciding to move forward with an interview. This allows them to spend more time getting to know qualified candidates that will be better suited for the company, plus it saves costs since fewer face-to-face interviews are needed.

And unlike the opinions of a recruiter, an AI tool doesn’t have biases, nor does it leave room for discrimination. Companies open themselves up for more opportunities to hire a diverse and inclusive staff.

Hire Smarter with AI

AI helps remove much of the guesswork in the candidate vetting process. Narrow your pool before the first interview so you can focus on your best prospects early. Get started today in as little as 30 minutes! Go visit the TestGroup website for more information.