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3D point cloud with laser scanning

What is a 3D Point Cloud?

Before we can create a 3D point cloud, first of all we have to make a laserscanning image of the surroundings or object. At 3DLS we use the latest generation Faro 3D laserscanning equipment.

The video below shows how the laser scanner works. The mobile laser scanner is designed for fast and accurate indoor and outdoor 3D measurements thanks to its small size, low weight and extensive scanning range. The Focus3D offers realistic and detailed HDR scanning results even in challenging environments. It shows especially well how the Faro focus 3D Scanner can deal well with mechanical spaces.

A 3D Point cloud is often a large file that is difficult to interpret for the unknown. Distilling a 3D CAD model from this is supported by a smart software tool and, above all, our experience. We think along with you and, depending on the demand and size, we choose a suitable, efficient workflow to convert the point cloud mapping into the desired 3D CAD BIM model.

First impression of a pointcloud image

When you first see a point cloud of a building, it may not be immediately clear what exactly you are looking at. You have to take into account that only the surfaces of objects are scanned. Because objects cannot be scanned, they appear hollow. Only the outer contours of the object are visible.

Advantages of 3D pointcloud

Working with a point cloud has the advantage that nothing needs to be measured on location with, for example, a measuring tape or folding rule. Thanks to a point cloud, we always have all data available digitally and can be measured, for example, if additional data is required. In addition, the point cloud shows all deviations due to its accuracy. Walls that are crooked or damaged, for example, can clearly be found in the pointcloud. As a result, you will no longer be faced with surprises in the dimensions during the design, realization and management & maintenance phases.

How can 3DLS help you?

3D scanning at 3DLS offers enormous advantages when designing new installations and adapting buildings. With our advanced Laser scanners we make a current recording of your existing factory, processes, buildings as a foundation for further development. We think along with you and, depending on the demand and size, choose a suitable, efficient workflow to convert the point cloud into the desired 3D CAD model.

A very large field of application for our 3D scanning is the process industry with its complex installations both at home and abroad. At large chemical parks of, among others, Shell, Akzo, DOW and DSM in Pernis, Geleen and Delfzijl, installations are documented “as-built” and converted to 3D CAD models for revamp activities, as required.