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5 Reasons you need a ladder in your home

Whether you’re a DIYer or just want to be prepared for any home emergency, having a ladder from Aldorr ladders & scaffolding at home is important. Ladders are essential tools that offer convenience, safety, and can even save you money in the long run. Let’s take a look at five reasons why everyone should have a ladder in their home.


Safety First

The most important reason to have a ladder on hand is for safety purposes. Whether you need to reach something high up in your garage or change a lightbulb in your living room, all it takes is one wrong step and you could end up with an injury. A stable, reliable ladder will enable you to do those tasks with confidence and keep you safe while doing so.



Having access to a ladder makes your life easier since it can help you finish simple tasks quickly and efficiently. Instead of searching through your toolbox for the right tool, you can just grab your ladder instead and complete the task right away. This also comes in handy when cleaning windows or hanging decorations around the house during the holidays.


No More Unsafe Stools

When it comes time to tackle jobs that require extra height—like replacing light bulbs or checking smoke detectors—it might be tempting to grab an old stool from the kitchen and use that instead of renting or buying a ladder. However, stools are unsafe as they don’t provide enough stability or security when reaching higher heights. To avoid any potential accidents or injuries, it’s best to invest in an affordable ladder for such household chores instead of taking unnecessary risks with stools.


Save Money In The Long Run

When it comes time for larger DIY projects, like painting or fixing something outside of your house, chances are good that you’ll either have to rent or buy a sturdy ladder before getting started on the job. Having your own ladder will save you money since then all you’ll need is some supplies and basic tools—no rental fees required! Additionally, ladders come in various sizes so finding one that fits all of your needs won’t be hard either!