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A custom-made generator set designed by a Dutch manufacturer

Transcool is a company in The Netherlands that specializes in designing and producing custom-made generator sets for the European transportation sector. They already have over 20 years of experience in this field and use their knowledge to produce generator sets with optimal power and fuel efficiency. As an experienced manufacturer of the custom-made generator set, they make sure that their products meet the requirements of their customers while thinking about the environment as well. Transcool has a wide range of other individual parts and products, so you can always have a look at those other products instead of a custom-made generator set if you wish to.

A fuel efficient generator set for your truck or lorry

If you are looking for a reliable and fuel efficient generator set for your truck or lorry, this manufacturer from The Netherlands can help you out. They produce their generator sets and other products with the best materials and protective surface coatings. Because of this, they can guarantee a long service life for their generator sets. You will get a two year extensive warranty after installation, so that even if there is something wrong with the generator set, Transcool will fix it for you in no time. You can also find an extensive range of used generators and clip-on gen sets if you are looking for individual parts. They have the right solution to all the transportation problems of your company.

Get in touch with them for more information

Do you want more information about the possibilities of a custom-made generator set from this experienced generator set manufacturer or are you looking for other products for your transportation throughout Europe? Please get in touch with Transcool and ask them anything you want to know. For more information, you can also look on the website and discover the many possibilities they offer.