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A reliable laboratory for the pesticide analysis of fruit

Are you looking for a reliable lab for the pesticide analysis of fruit? Then you are probably aware of the importance of such analyses. As a supermarket, you always want to have an analysis done to avoid that there is too much pesticide in the food you sell. You probably know that there are sanctions attached to exceeding these values. So, in case of any doubt, you should call in a professional lab so that you can guarantee the quality of your products. If you would like to find out which specialist you can turn to for such analyses, you should continue reading.

Choose this laboratory

For the pesticide analysis of fruit, you should definitely ponder on the choice for a certain laboratory. They must have the right equipment, but also the necessary certificates, which give legitimacy to their analyses. That is why we always recommend the specialists of Primoris. They have certificates from the German Quality System, the Belgian Federal Food Safety Agency and the Dutch BIOKAP organisation. These are just a few certificates from a long list that you can consult online. If you decide to work with Primoris, you will be sure of qualitative and reliable analyses.

Discuss your needs with the specialist

As good as the Primoris specialists are, there is no harm in giving them a hand by providing a clear overview. Be sure to say what you will be using the products for specifically. Are you a supermarket that is going to sell the products on a large scale? Or are you a farmer who would like to have the pesticide content of his animal feed checked? Be sure to let us know, because your situation also plays a role in checking the guidelines. They are very specific. Hopefully, you now know why you should have a pesticide analysis of fruit carried out and which specialist you should contact.