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Accurate and reliable heating thanks to a heated circulating water bath

The best heating experience – this is the promise of the heated circulating water bath produced by Prolyse. Heating liquids is a precarious operation, especially when you need to research the outcomes of the heating. Therefore, Prolyse has developed a heated circulating water bath that is simple to operate, easy to install and maintain, and sustainable in its use. Your heating process will be accurate and reliable.

Choose one of the innovative solutions for this company

If you are looking for the best possible experience with your heated circulating water bath, then the solutions of Prolyse are the best innovations the market has seen. Innovative temperature control solutions are their forte, which they have been developing since the beginning of the ‘60s. Thanks to over 50 years of experience, receiving the best possible temperature controller for your heated circulating water bath is a given. Every research you conduct will have optimum conditions, so you know exactly what is happening beneath the lid. Some other features are:

  • Works very quiet so it gives no disturbance in the laboratory
  • Easy to maintain and clean, so you always have the best result
  • Energy saving thanks to its constant temperature
  • Safe to use
  • Intuitive interface, so no complicated instruction manual is necessary

Gear your laboratory up with a unique solution for your needs

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and innovations Prolyse has on offer for laboratories? You will find all contact information on their website. Make sure to contact them if you have any questions or enquiries about a temperature controller for your heated circulating bath or which model best suits your goals. Their global focus means every company in the world can contact them and receive a tailored offer for their product. Do not wait any longer to receive your own solution!