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Are you a collector of revolvers of the Old West?

When you have an interest in American history or just our civilisation of the human species, you are probably interested in objects that have been used during historical times. Are you a collector of revolvers of the Old West? Visiting a gun show or museum can trigger your fascination for ancient weapons and their one-of-a-kind history. Let us tell you more about the professionals of Wild West Treasures. They have revolvers of the Old West in their collection, whatever your personal preference in precious collectables. Read on and discover more about their revolvers, straight from the Old West!

Their exquisite offer

Every piece of their collection has an eye for professional craftmanship and historic details. As a collector, it’s important to know a bit more about the backstory of revolvers of the Old West. Maybe a well-known military figure used the weapon of your choosing. Display the item on its own and enjoy looking at it and feeling the materials. Or simply add them to your collection as you wish. Wild West Treasures, a professional seller based in Belgium, has revolvers from the Old West and other products, such as rifles, pistols, antique combustible cartridges and primers, derringers of all brands, European miniatures, Japanese swords, long guns and pepperboxes available for selling.

Browse through their collection

Simply use the filters on their website to find your perfect revolvers of the Old West. Sort them by asking price, date, year or status to get an overview. Do you have a question about their revolvers of the Old West or another specimen? They will tell you everything you need to know about their historical products. Fill in the online contact form, phone them or just send them an e-mail with your questions. They will get back to you as soon as possible!  

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