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Considerations when getting big brake kits

When looking to improve handling and performance in your car, big brake kits are one way to do it. They are an ideal solution when you need to boost stopping power. Whether you intend to enjoy spirited driving or spend some time on the track, big brake kits, your vehicle should be able to handle the braking requirements. BBKs, like the ones available at D2 Racing Sport, are suitable for high performance builds. 

With big brake kits, you enjoy better stopping power and shorter stopping distance compared to OEM brakes. However, not every BBK on the market is best for your vehicle. Consider some elementals that will make the purchase process less tedious.


Get The Right Tyres

Modifying your braking system without getting the correct tyres to compensate for the increase in disc size is a waste. Big brake kits are larger, and with a bigger disc area. For this reason, the tyres have to be able to accommodate them comfortably. Tyres also affect acceleration and grip. So, as you shop for BBK, look up your options for high-performance tyres as well. Of course, switching to bigger tyres means that you have to spend more.


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Big brake kits can make the wheels of your car look great, especially the larger ones. You could, therefore, be tempted to get the biggest kits available. However, your vehicle determines the most suitable kits to buy. The best BBK has to maintain your car’s brake balance. Hence, avoid fitting strong brakes that could upset the brake balance, which interferes with handling. D2 Racing Sport has kits in different sizes, so find the best one.


Don’t Forget D2 Racing Sport Brake Pads

Whatever modifications you make to your car, you must ensure that you fit the right components for optimal performance. So, when you upgrade the braking system, you need to get the correct brake pads as well. High-performance driving requires higher-friction brake pads. However, factor in your driving needs and the new BBK carefully. Consult with your mechanic or other experts before shopping for pads. D2 is one place where you can find high-performance brake pads.


Consider Braided Brake Lines

Another investment that you have to make when upgrading your braking system is on braided lines. Combining BBK with braided lines or hoses guarantees the best performance. How? By reducing swelling, which is a common issue with standard factory brake lines. When you brake hard, the pressure causes regular brakes to expand, thereby decreasing the pressure applied to the calipers and, consequently eliminating bite.

Big brake kits are worth the investment if you are looking to enhance your car’s performance. You get improved stopping power on and off the track. Choose from a range of high-quality BBKs at D2 Racing Sport to find the right component for your vehicle.