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European safety at work

There are certain safety rules at work everywhere in Europe. They are equal to each other in order to meet the European requirements. But how do you ensure that your company complies with these European conditions. We’ve sorted it out for you!


data sheets

By using SDS Europe sheets you can guarantee safety according to European conditions. These European conditions are laid down in the collective labor agreement that the company must adhere to. You can guarantee these conditions by means of the SDS Europe sheets. These SDS Europe sheets are updated from time to time, so that the conditions of the European Commission can always be met.


Use of the data sheets

But what exactly can you achieve with these data sheets, that is a question many employers ask. You can use these data sheets by checking the points on the data sheets every so often. Keeping to the following points, this is important because it also changes from time to time. There are still too many accidents when it comes to work safety. From there, the European Commission also looks at the safety regulations that apply from the European Commission every day.


Today there are still daily accidents due to lack of safety. By using SDS europe sheets, you as a company are always assured that you are aware of the correct European conditions that you must meet as a company.