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Fasting and Longevity – Will You Live Longer If You Fast?

It would not be wrong to say that everyone wishes to lead a healthy and long life, but very few people are similar to the secrets of longevity. While tried and tested methods like a balanced diet, regular exercise, getting adequate sleep, and overall healthy lifestyle can undoubtedly play vital roles in prolonging your life, fasting is one the most overlooked method of attaining longevity.

Fasting can help you in living longer by providing the following advantages:

1.    Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer

The number of deaths due to cancer is increasing rapidly around the world. The WHO expects a jump of about 45% in the deaths caused by cancer. As a result, there have been many popular measures to avoid getting cancer, for example, using sunscreen, avoiding smoking, and excessive alcohol. Similarly, researches have been conducted to study the impact of fasting on cancer. It is found that fasting can reduce cancer risk by a significant margin.

Fasting is one of the combative measures against cancer because taking fewer calories is associated with numerous metabolic reactions in the body, which can ultimately lead to increased immunity, DNA repair, adaptations at the cellular level, and better detoxification of the body organs. It is suggested by the experts to find a balance between fasting and the urge to avoid cancer because excessive fasting can lead to extreme weight loss and other health problems.

2.    Promotes Cardiac Health

Cardiovascular diseases, or health problems, are one of the leading causes of death around the globe. According to the Mayo Clinic, fasting twice a week can decrease the risk of heart diseases. Fasting also promotes good cardiac health as it maintains a right balance in the blood pressure and controls obesity. Moreover, fasting regulates blood sugar levels and cholesterols, which is beneficial for the heart. 

3.    Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes brings a lot of health issues, so it is vital to take steps to try to avoid getting diabetes. According to Harvard, circadian rhythm fasting can lower your chances of getting diabetic. Circadian rhythm fasting is when you adjust your diet plan according to the sleep cycle to maintain your weight. As a result, the chances of getting diabetes are considerably reduced.

4.    Prevents Obesity

Obesity has become a severe problem in the last few years, and the CDC has declared it to be a disease itself. It can lead to health complications like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and even premature death.

Fasting is one of the best ways of rapid weight loss. The body uses up all of the glucose initially, and then the fat is burned for energy as an alternate source, leading to weight loss. Water fast is also known to be highly effective in reducing weight and preventing obesity,

5.    Regulate Blood Pressure

Like diabetes, hypertension is also one of the common conditions that can lead to serious illnesses—chances of having a stroke and cardio problems increases due to abnormal blood pressure. According to Cleveland Clinic, fasting is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and controlling associated problems like obesity, diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol.


Quite clearly, fasting provides a great number of health benefits, which can lead to better health and longer life. A study was conducted with 2,000 Mormon participants who were used to fast monthly as part of their religious tradition. It was found that the participants enjoyed a longer life of about 4 to 5 years on average, even though they had some preliminary health conditions. Similarly, many other studies have also concluded that fasting prolongs one’s life if it is done in an appropriate and balanced way.