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Flue dampers in all shapes and sizes

If you’re looking for flue dampers, you aim to procure those that offer your boiler system optimal performance and guarantee they will stay in operation for a long time. The dampers must be installed in the pipe connecting boiler and chimney to close off the flue gas path. This means that boiler flue dampers have to be able to withstand high temperatures and tough conditions by necessity. To ensure the boiler flue dampers you procure are always of a high standard of quality, you’d do well to purchase your dampers from Hoogenboom Valves. With over thirty years of experience, they design and produce numerous types of industrial damper valves to the exacting standards their clients demand.

Your boiler flue must have the right damper

If you require new industrial dampers, look no further than this company. They stock an extensive range with all kinds of dampers – think air- blocking damper valves, bypass/diverter damper valves, butterfly damper valves or louvre valves. No matter your application, they have you covered. In the unlikely event that the extensive stock of Hoogenboom Valves does not carry the exact boiler you require, they can still be of service to you. If you require a bespoke flue damper manufactured to exact specifications, they are perfectly able and more than happy to design it for you. Such a bespoke damper will be developed in line with the most recent design insights in the industry. Their professional 3D design software allows them to design and manufacture the exact flue dampers that you need.

A company that gets straight to the point

Reach out to this specialist and experience their personal and straightforward service. They believe strongly in involving you as their client in every step of the procurement process. By listening to your needs and relying on your insights, they make sure your flue dampers are as perfect as can be. Take a look at the products they have on offer and experience their way of doing business for yourself. Get in contact with the experts working at this company; they will get to work on your request for flue dampers right away!