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From Eilat to Cairo – Fascinating Tour from Israel to Cairo

Cairo, Egypt’s capital, was founded in the year 969 A.D. It is situated in Upper Egypt. Cairo means “The Place of Combat” because it is where the deity Horus and Seth fought. Whether you know it as “Cairo” or “Mother of the World” (Ummul Dunya), Cairo is a fantastic metropolis.

To sum up, this location caters to everyone’s needs. Whether you have a passion for the past or haute culinary, you will indeed have a good time here. Even a short visit from Eilat to Cairo will seem like a lifetime of fulfillment if visiting Egypt is on your list of things to do.

When Should You Go From Eilat to Cairo?

Some of Egypt’s winter and summer temperatures are known to be severe. Therefore, we recommend you avoid visiting the area during the summer and winter. To see the city best, visit between September and November or March and May.

The weather will improve dramatically during these months, giving you the best experience. You may enjoy the outdoors while learning about the culture’s past in the autumn, summer, or spring. On the other hand, costs to visit the area tend to increase during the spring and winter break. Therefore, plan your trip around a period that is not a significant holiday if you want to save money on flights.


One-Day Trip to Cairo from Eilat

Once you arrive at Cairo airport, the next thing you should do is catch an Uber. The good thing about the city’s Uber service is that it is simple and quick to use. Spending a little money on transportation is ideal for arriving at your first destination, Tahrir Square.


Tahrir Square: First Destination

Translating to “liberation,” Tahrir was indeed the central hub of the insurgency. Today, it is still surrounded by armed guards and troops.


Learn Saqarra’s Hidden History

The ancient burial site of Saqarra may be reached from the museum in approximately 30 minutes by cab from Giza’s pyramids. Learn more about Egyptian burial practices and the afterlife here. Everything is spelled out in hieroglyphs on the walls.


Dine In At The Blue Restaurant And Grill

Daylong journeys often result in fatigue and hunger. If your excursions have left you hungry, stop by the Blue Restaurant & Grill at 12 Ahmed Ragheb, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate. Enjoying your lunch here with a view of the Nile is a unique experience. As one could expect, the food is excellent as well.

Sail Down The Nile

Getting around the city daily is difficult due to the congestion and chaos you must endure. It’s possible that the daytime dunes will be a fairly unpleasant place to spend time. Tired and need a break? Take a trip down the Nile in a felucca, formerly used to bring goods to and from the city. Even though it’s easy, you’ll love every second of it.

Travel To Egypt And Visit The Egyptian Museum

While in Cairo, you must check out the Egyptian Museum, which houses an unbelievable number of priceless artifacts. Seeing King Tut’s mask and the mummy room should highlight this museum outing. However, the mummy room comes for 100 Egyptian pounds more.


Get Up On Top Of The Plateau Of Giza

The plateau of Giza, to the south of Cairo, can be reached quickly and easily from the town center. Camel rides and visits to the monuments and pyramids are all musts in Egypt. Get away a 1 day tour to Cairo from Eilat and visit the Plateau of Giza. Make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Shop at Khan Al Khalili

It isn’t easy to travel someplace new and not want to bring something home with you. Visit the Khan Al Khalili market to purchase some mementos to remind you of your travels. This is one of the biggest street marketplaces in all of Cairo. The presence of a shisha lounge enhances the street’s nightlife.


Explore the Salahuddin Al Ayubi Citadel and the Fortress of Mohammad Ali

The Salahuddin Al Ayubi Citadel is an outstanding illustration of the seamless integration of modern and ancient Egyptian culture.


Summary An Eilat to Cairo tour is a mesmerizing trip experience to share with your loved ones. Stunning towns, beaches, mountains, and desert views may be seen from the windows of a comfortable minivan or air-conditioned bus as you make your way to the attractive Egyptian capital.