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Fashion and Clothing

High-quality vintage clothing for wholesale

Brasco b.v. offers vintage clothing for wholesale. All of the items they sell are checked for stains and holes, to ensure you will receive high-quality items that are ready to hit the shelves as soon as you receive them. The experts at Brasco b.v. have over 4000 square meters of storage space filled with vintage clothing that is available for wholesale. The chances are that these experts have the items you are looking for, so feel free to take a look through their collection. The clear categories in which the items are divided makes it easy to look for the desired items. Are you having trouble finding the exact items you are looking for? Feel free to get in touch with these experts and share your requests. They will look for the items, to ensure you can order them and sell or display them in your store.

Vintage clothing from different decades

The experts at Brasco b.v. offer vintage clothing for wholesale from various decades, so you can surely find items that match your personal style and the style of your customers. Examples of the available decades are the 70s, 80s and 90s. During these decades a lot of different styles have passed and, since then, returned to be popular. The flared jeans that were popular in the 90s have returned to popularity fairly recently and also certain brands switch back and forth to popularity. All of these vintage clothing items can be purchased for wholesale at Brasco b.v., so select your favourite items now and order them right away.

Get in touch with these experts

Would you like to order vintage clothing for wholesale? Take a look at the collection at Brasco b.v. and order your favourite items. Do you have any questions regarding the services of these experts? Feel free to contact them by using the contact information on their website. They are more than happy to provide you with additional information.