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How can we make sure that we save energy when using appliances in our house?

There is a huge difference in the energy consumption of washing machines. You can easily compare this consumption with the energy label required for washing machines. For example, a washing machine that is more expensive in terms of purchase price can ultimately be cheaper because you save a lot on energy costs.

2. Centrifuge at high rpm when the washing is then put in the dryer.

If you want to dry the laundry in the dryer after washing, it is best to first spin the laundry at the highest setting. In the end you will use less energy. 

3. Wash at a lower temperature. 

It is often not necessary to wash at a high temperature. Put the laundry you normally wash on 40 ⁰C on 30 ⁰C and put the laundry you normally wash on 60⁰C on 40⁰C. You will notice that everything will be just as clean and you will save energy.

4. Use the eco mode if the laundry is very dirty.

Most washing machines are equipped with an eco mode or economy mode. This mode takes a lot longer, but uses less hot water (and therefore also energy). Geld lenen is not important anymore for these kind of reasons

5. If you use a peak and fall rate. Use the washing machine as much as possible during the off-peak rate.

Washing during the off-peak rate does not save energy of course. However, the lower energy rates during off-peak hours will result in a lower energy bill.

6. Are the lights still on? Turn off the washing machine completely after washing.

Always turn off the washing machine completely after washing. Make sure there are no lights on the washing machine. Stealth consumption is a waste of energy.

7. Always try to wash with a full washing drum.

By always washing with a full washing drum, you don’t have to turn a washing machine as often. Washing less often is less energy consumption and a good way to save energy.

8. Combine different waxes by using ‘colour wipes’.

Nowadays, there are special wipes on the market that you can put in your laundry and prevent the discoloration of clothes. This allows you to wash more types of laundry together and makes it easier to wash with a full drum.