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How to put the developed plan into practice?

 Therefore, it is important to know how to put the developed plan into practice. But even if you know how to do this, the sacrifices you might have to make to achieve your goals will still be hindered. If all this sounds overwhelming to you, then you are not alone. Many people fail to achieve their goals because they feel overwhelmed by the actions taken to achieve them. Research shows that when you lose concentration, 92% of your goals will fail because of being overwhelmed and distracted. The reason people often fail to achieve their goals is that the sacrifices they might make for it are not clear enough. Ask yourself, what do I need to give up in order to achieve my career goals? The sacrifice may include reducing spare time or spending more time with family. For example, to pursue a degree or take a leadership role at work, you may need to sacrifice some time to hang out and watch TV.


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Buying a used car is fun, but also very exciting, whether you buy a used car for a maximum of 500 euros or more to spend. One of the most important factors is your personal budget. Do not just look at the purchase price, but use our handy cost tool to calculate how much you spend on maintenance, insurance, taxes and depreciation each month. The difference between two clearly comparable cars can amount to several tens of euros per month. Think about how far your next car will go and which fuel (or electricity) is most obvious to you. These days, there are quite a few options if you’re looking for a used electric car or a used hybrid.

Then there are different models and body types to choose from. How many people do you want to be able to transport comfortably, how big should the trunk be and should your used car have at least climate control and a panoramic roof? In the used car collection you can search by car type, fuel, number of seats and doors, but also filter by color and accessories that are essential to you. If you intend to tow your caravan, use our handy caravan tow tractors to see if the car of your choice can handle your caravan.


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