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Madden NFL 21 – Week 8 Ratings Update

Madden NFL 21 player item cards are changing based on the players’ performance on the field. We are in Week 8 of the current season. Each week, the team that is in charge of the ratings calculates the new OVR taking into consideration how the player fared in the games. Some players enjoy a rating boost, while others get an OVR decrease. Let’s see which players got the biggest rating increases and decreases.

The Madden NFL 21 team that is in charge of the ratings believes that Metcalf can become a 90 OVR player by the end of the season. His stats are 95 speed, 93 acceleration, 79 strength, 81 agility, and 88 awareness. This player is with the Seattle Seahawks team.

We have another wide receiver who got a +1 OVR boost for his Week 8 performance. The player we are talking about is Tee Higgins from the Cincinnati Bengals. This starting player is an important element for his team’s offense.

During Week 8, he managed six interceptions for 78 yards on nine targets. The team decided to bump his OVR after he did an amazing toe-tap catch. His OVR is now 75 and his stats are 87 speed, 86 acceleration, 68 strength, 84 agility, and 80 awareness.

Keenan Allen is another wide receiver who had a good week. His OVR is now 93 from 92. He had an amazing performance not just in Week 8, but also in Week 7. His stats are now 89 speed, 91 acceleration, 72 strength, 92 agility, and 98 awareness.

Allen is playing for the Los Angeles Chargers. These three players had great games during Week 8, but some didn’t rise to the expectations. The EA ratings team was quick to react. Here are the players that had their ratings decreased.

Amari Cooper is with the Dallas Cowboys. This wide receiver and his team are not doing so great at the moment. His not so good performance is also because of some of the team’s lineup adjustments, so it’s not entirely his fault. Nevertheless, the game has to stay accurate so Cooper got a -1 downgrade. He now sits at 92 OVR with 91 speed, 89 acceleration, 68 strength, 96 agility, and 92 awareness.

Marquise Brown is a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. He now has 80 OVR, his rating was decreased by 1. His stats are 97 speed, 94 acceleration, 44 strength, 96 agility, and 76 awareness.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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