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Possible ingredients e cigarette liquid

Are you thinking of quitting cigarette smoking with the help of an e-cigarette? Vaping an electronic cigarette ensures that you ingest far fewer harmful substances than if you were still smoking.

You can use an e-cigarette as a replacement for a regular cigarette, but it is better as an intermediate step in the reduction of your nicotine addiction. Ultimately, vaping is also not good for your health in the long term. An e-cigarette consists of a battery, a coil and a reservoir with e-liquid. The battery supplies the voltage and the resistance of the coil creates heat. The coil is located in the reservoir of e cigarette liquid and is surrounded by absorbent material. Due to the heat, a small part of the e cigarette liquid evaporates. You can vape this vapor. There are many different flavors of e cigarette liquids on the market. But do you know which ingredients are in e cigarette liquid?

The components of e cigarette liquid

The ingredients of e cigarette liquid consist of a number of solid, but also variable substances. All these ingredients together provide a stable liquid that is easy to vaporize. Many e-liquids are supplemented with nicotine and flavorings. We know a lot of flavourings, both natural and synthetic. A flavor can be hydrophilic, meaning it is soluble in an aqueous medium. Online e liquids store Ecigmarketxl.comfor a cheaper price. Other flavors are hydrophobic, so they cannot be dissolved in water, but they can be dissolved in a fatty substance. Of course it is also important that the ingredients of an e-cigarette liquid should not have a harmful or unpleasant effect if you inhale them in vapor form. With a reliable online supplier of e-liquids, you can rest assured that all components are of high quality and that the various e-cigarette liquids have been composed with care. 

Functions of the components of your e-cigarette liquid

An e-liquid is based on a so-called carrier liquid. Propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine are mainly used as carriers. We also know vegetable glycerin under the name VG, after the English vegetable glycerin. Both PG and VG are well-known and widely used carrier fluids. You can also find them in nebulizers prescribed to patients with COPD or asthma. PG is a thin and odorless liquid in which flavorings and nicotine and flavorings are dissolved. It is possible that you will get a dry mouth or a sensitive throat from an e-cigarette liquid with a high PG content.

That is why many e-liquids also contain an amount of VG, which mitigates these effects. VG can make an e-cigarette liquid a bit more tame and is therefore less suitable for e-cigarettes where the coils have very small holes. e cigarettesare found online. These coils are mainly found in starter kits, pods and smaller e-cigarettes. It is better to vape an e-cigarette liquid that is less viscous. There is an extensive range of e-liquids with a higher or lower VG content, with or without nicotine and a very large choice of flavourings. An e cigarette liquid with nicotine helps you reduce your smoking addiction.