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Solids Solutions particle and powder technology

The development of various products requires knowledge of particles and powders. Many products from industry consist of solids and powders. The properties of the particles are important for the desired effect of the product. At Solids Solutions we do extensive research into this. If you get stuck in the development of a product, you can submit your problem to us. If you would like to know more about particle technology yourself, you can also contact Solids Solutions. Through seminars and courses we share our knowledge with you.

Calculating BET surface area with gas adsorption

Gas adsorption is used to determine the surface area of solid, porous substances. A gas, usually nitrogen, is adsorbed into the material so that the BET surface can be calculated. This is done on the basis of the monolayer formation that takes place on the surface of the substance. The pore volume and pore size distribution can also be determined using nitrogen adsorption. This is done on the basis of capillary condensation. Solids Solutions uses various techniques in order to make a calculation that is as accurate as possible. The desired method is chosen on the basis of the information to be obtained.

Particle size analysis

Small particles form the basis of a larger whole. This also applies to many industrial products. When developing a product, it is important that the different particles have the right size. At Solids Solutions we therefore carry out a particle size analysis. This makes it possible to determine the size and shape of particles. We also look at other properties that can influence the functioning of a product. For example, the flow behaviour. In addition to particle size analysis, Solids Solutions also analyses droplet size. This is important for the effect and application of certain sprays, for example in the medicine industry.