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The very beste welding transformers

Brouwers Metaal from Ede, the Netherlands, are the experts when it comes to resistance welding and copper alloys. Their specialties are welded wire mesh, resistance welding and die casting for various industries. If you are looking for welding transformers, this company makes them specifically to your specifications. This way, the welding transformers you order from these experienced engineers are perfectly catered to your needs.

For AC, DC and MF technology

The excellent welding transformers made by the engineers of Brouwers Metaal from Ede, the Netherlands, can be made for AC, DC and MF technology. This company offers a range of standard sizes and requirements for common types of machinery. If you, however, are in need of a specific design, the engineers of Brouwers Metaal are happy to make weldings transformers that fit your needs. The only thing you need to do in order for this machine part to be made, is taking a picture of the parameter plate of your transformer and add a dimension sheet. Send this information to this company and their engineers will have enough information to get to work. As all cores are made by these experts themselves, the normal lead time is only four weeks.

Hovadur copper

This company is proud to announce that they work with Hovadur copper. This brand produces high-end copper alloys of excellent quality. This brand’s copper is renowned for its high hardness, heat resistance and impressive thermal conductivity. This copper is one of the coppers used by this company to guarantee the high quality you except as a customer. As all parts are custom-made, these experienced engineers know you expect nothing less than the very best. The possibilities of Hovadur copper are, but are  not limited to, laminated shunts, electrode holders and die casting parts. When looking for the very best welding transformers you can find, look no further than Ede. Brouwers Company delivers all throughout Europe.