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These are the different kinds of mediumship

Mediums are very popular these days. Logically, everyone is looking for answers and rest in this busy life. But not every medium is suitable for the answers you are looking for. A mental psychic might not be able to give you the answers a trance medium could. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to reach out to the right medium. Here we explain what different types of spiritualists do.


Physical Mediumship


In physical mediumship things outside the medium itself are made visible or audible. The spiritualist’s body produces ectoplasm, which can be used by spirits to perform physical activities. Think, for example, of knocking over pots, knocking on walls or closing or opening doors.


Mental Mediumship


A mental medium is in contact with the spiritual world through his or her thoughts.  The spiritualist is able to translate the signals given from the spirit world into a language that is understandable to the client. It is important for such a medium to have as much control as possible over its own thoughts. Only in this way can the information be passed on as effectively as possible. Mental mediumship is the most common form of mediumship. These people therefore make contact with the deceased themselves. When one extracts the information from objects such as photos, jewelry and other valuables, you speak of a psychic medium.


Trance Mediumship


Within this mediumship we distinguish between two types of trance mediums. Let’s start with full trance. In full trance mediumship, the spiritualist leaves the earthly, physical body during a session with the light and/or astral body. The medium is not aware of what is happening to the physical body. In order to steer this in the right direction, a lot of experience of the medium is required and the cooperation with the people in the spiritual world must run smoothly. The other possibility is the half trance. The medium will remain present in the physical body, but he or she cannot react consciously. This is most comparable to someone staring when their mind is somewhere else. The advantage of this is that the medium doesn’t lose contact with the environment, but does share part of the senses with the people from the spiritual world.


Astrologic Mediumship


An astrological medium uses all kinds of information from astrology. This person is excellent at interpreting sun signs, birth charts, zodiac signs and much more. He or she assumes a connection between astrology and life on earth. This allows the medium to make predictions for the client. Think, for example, of a soulmate reading, or the interpretation of a synastry chart. If you find this interesting, you can try a free astrology compatibility report.


Healing Mediumship


Within this form of mediumship, physical contact with the client is required. In this way, the medium receives all the necessary information. When an energetic treatment is given, the spiritualist can get as close as possible to the core of the complaint.