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This expert is there to buy and sell a used crane

Wiltrade Holland B.V. focuses primarily on the purchase and sale of vertical transport such as cranes. There are various types of cranes. For example, there are mobile telescopic cranes, mobile tower cranes and crawler cranes. This specialist is also the right place for aerial work platforms and forklift trucks. There is only one important announcement: they specialize only in used machines. So do you want to buy a used crane? Then Wiltrade Holland B.V. would like to help you with this. They have many years of experience and expertise, so they can provide you with appropriate advice and deliver the right crane to you.

How does it work?

The machines purchased by Wiltrade Holland B.V. are, of course, inspected thoroughly first. Because the machines have been used, there may be some damage or defects. Only the cranes that are in good working order are then sold on to you. So you are always assured of a well-functioning crane if you buy a used crane from this specialist. Before you get it delivered, you can choose whether you want to have additional maintenance work done on your machines, so you can be assured that everything is in perfect condition. Instead, are you the one who has a used crane and wants to get rid of it? Then this specialist will be happy to buy it from you. You will, of course, receive an appropriate fee for it based on the condition of the machines. Then we can make someone else very happy with it.

Buy the machine or crane you need

Want to buy a used crane? Then take a look at the assortment of Wiltrade Holland B.V. and you will see various renowned brands, such as Liebherr. Nowhere will you find a good quality crane so cheap. Order it now!