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Three Players Sue EA Sports For The FIFA 21 Handicap

As usual, in recent days, we once again have a controversial event around EA Sports and FIFA 21. This time, a group of players has come together to file a lawsuit against the company for the alleged ‘handicap’ that they use in-game to make people spend more money on FIFA Ultimate Team.

The handicap is defined by some FIFA players as an arbitrary and unannounced adjustment of certain game features to cause unusual situations (such as the high probability of receiving a goal at the end of each half) to occur in matches and make users lose.

This also leads to the so-called ‘scripting’, a word used by some players to define that the game has the script for each game and it adjusts the difficulty and some aspects of gameplay to make it happen at all costs, although EA Sports always denied the existence of these practices.

In this case, these three players Jason Zajnoc, Danyael Williams and PrankoLozado have agreed to sue EA Sports for spreading false information in their advertisements and having deceptive sales practices that intentionally harm users.

Specifically, the players allege that EA Sports engages in these fraudulent practices to force players to buy more loot boxes and packs in FIFA Ultimate Team, adding that these tricks have a direct impact on the development and the results of the matches.

“This (Handicap) forms a cycle that favours EA in detriment of the players since the difficulty adjustment mechanisms make players think that their teams have less quality than they have. And that leads them to buy additional player packs in hope of becoming more competitive. “

Another drawback that emerges from this situation is that some players choose to buy FIFA Coins with their real money and feel cheated by the game when they see that their investment does not give them the expected results. Someone even want to sell FIFA 21 coins for money.

Unsurprisingly, EA dismissed the players’ complaints, stating: “Their allegations are baseless and brand our games deceptive. We will defend ourselves,” making it clear that they are not afraid to go to court to prove the‘ innocence ’of their gold mine.

FIFA Ultimate Team and its monetization methods have been questioned by the authorities of several European countries, in addition to Australia and Canada, as many people ask that they be treated as a betting game due to how the packs are sold and the randomness of the articles that they give.

However, EA Sports has always maintained its position and has not declined in its intention to continue generating a lot of profits through FIFA Ultimate Team and all these investigations so far have not affected the enormous popularity of this game mode and the franchise in general.


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)