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A gangway provides safety for your employees

When it comes to creating and designing a customized gangway, choose Gangway Solutions. This company, that is based in The Netherlands, is part of the Buitendijk Techniek company. It has a lot of experience in designing, engineering, and installing various equipment for offshore industries. Their client base, for the most part, consists of worldwide companies that work in the oil & gas and petrochemical industry.

These experts provide a variety of installations

With a gangway designed by these specialists, you will provide a safe walkway for your crew from ship to shore. The gangways and other installations are fully explosion proof. Furthermore, they are built according national, European and American standards. A few of the options you can choose from are:

  • Access towers
  • Control cabins
  • Electric and hydraulic cranes

These are all safety products. Not only does it provide access, but it is also an escape route that your crew uses in dangerous situations. All the installations are tested extensively. This means that a gangway from this company guarantees the safest entry and exit. These specialists have their own testing facility where these installations are tested. The tests are carried out before the installations are being shipped.

These specialist also offer different services

Gangway Solutions believes in building a sustainable and long-term relationship with all their customers. Therefore, these experts provide various services so that they can offer a total package. A few of these additional services are:

  • Training
  • Repair
  • Rebuild

Contact the company and find out what they can do for you

These experts offer a total package, from various installations such as a gangway, to a variety of additional services. With the installations and services that this company provides, you will establish a safe work environment. Are you curious as to how these specialist can ensure the safety of your crew? Feel free to contact them. They will happily discuss all the possibilities with you.