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Absolute must do’s when running a warehouse

Absolute must do’s when running a warehouse 

Managing a warehouse is not an easy job, especially when it is a large storage facility and there are a lot of items in the warehouse. Nowadays, more and more warehouses are being created due to the increasing sales through online shops. Although the purchasing process takes place online, the products still need to be stored somewhere. There are quite a few factors that play a role in a well used, safe and efficient warehouse. In this blog article, we will discuss these factors and what you need to think about. Are you curious about what is involved in managing a warehouse? Then read on. 

Make sure you have a good arrangement 

A good warehouse layout is extremely important, not only is it more comfortable and safer for employees when the layout is well thought out. It also plays a major role in the throughput speed and therefore how quickly the products are delivered to the customers’ homes. Some smart tips that you can take into account when dividing up your warehouse are 

  • Use the ABC method for arranging your warehouse: most sold products at grab height, less sold products at the bottom and least sold products at the top. 

  • Place heavy products at hip height so they are easy to lift 

  • Avoid placing products that are very similar next to each other 


Make the best use of square metres

What we often see is that as a company grows, the warehouse space becomes too small. Many organisations choose to make a huge investment by moving or renovating their current premises. The problem can often be solved relatively simply, cheaply and quickly by installing a mezzanine floor. This self-supporting construction offers you the possibility to build a whole extra floor within your own premises. Double the storage in exactly the same space and within two years you will have earned back your investment. The specialists of can help you with all your questions about mezzanine floors and other storage solutions.

Keep it clean and tidy

A dirty and cluttered warehouse not only looks sloppy and unprofessional, it also makes it hard to assess exactly how much space is available. Therefore, make sure you keep the warehouse neat and tidy at all times. Can’t you and the team do this yourself? Then hire a cleaning company to do the job for you. You will soon see the positive difference this makes.

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