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Advanced Clutch

Why You Should Shop at Advanced Clutch

Are you looking to replace your car’s performance clutches? Founded in 1994, Advanced Clutch has been consistently offering high-quality clutches, flywheels, and other auto parts compatible with your vehicle. With their primary focus on the sports cars and diesel truck markets, you can get the perfect clutches to enhance your car’s functionality. Whether you need clutch kits, flywheels, or street discs, you can find all that at the shop. This article deeply focuses on the top reasons to shop for all your auto supplies.


Enjoy Fast Delivery

Who doesn’t like quick deliveries? Advanced Clutch uses UPS courier services for deliveries, and this takes between one to two days. However, shipping outside Europe may take a little longer. Other things that determine the delivery timelines are the local customs applicable in your specific region.


Exemplary Customer Service

The shop dedicates an entire page with plentiful and informative content on customer service. For technical questions such as installations and usage, you can check the FAQ section for frequently asked questions and plausible answers. If you still don’t get help, you may contact Advanced Clutch through the provided phone number or email on their website. Even better, if you have time, you can drop by their offices and get what you want.


High-Quality Products

The shop only acquires its products from reputable providers. You can get the clutch kits, flywheels, street discs, pressure plates, race discs, and other car components. You can browse the website and pick the products you desire based on your car’s abilities and needs. Even better, you can get in touch with the in-house experts and get professional assistance. By visiting the website, you can fill out a form on the website, submit and get prompt feedback.