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Buying second hand trucks from a broker made easy in Netherlands

Buying a second-hand truck in Netherlands, may feel intimidating, especially if you are not familiar with the market. This is because you’re unfamiliar with the practical aspects of car ownership and the reputation of certain truck brokers.

Well, although it may seem like a scary experience to be buying a used truck in the Netherlands, FDW Trading can help you make sense of it all.

FDW Trading is an independent Dutch truck broker where it is possible to buy a second-hand truck online. At FDW Trading, you will find a wide range of used trucks including; Scania, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Krone, Ford, Volkswagen, Feld binder, Schmitz, Komatsu and second hand open trailers, low loaders, refrigerated trailers, curtain siders-tipper trailer etc. 

Below are the opportunities of buying second hand trucks from a broker in the Netherlands:

No language barrier:

The Dutch truck broker ensures you get all of your queries well answered in different languages. The company is even available in the weekend if urgent.

No haggling:

Haggling can be stressful if you are not a fan. FDW Trading sets a fixed price from the get-go, therefore, there is no need to waste your time fretting over it. What you see is what you get.

FDW Trading cater for the official registration at RDW:

In order to drive a car in Netherlands, you are required to register with RDW, which is the Dutch authority for vehicles and transport. Car registration is a hectic process, especially if you don’t have a Dutch ID, passport and driver’s license.

Thanks toFDW Trading because, they will take care of the official registration at RDW for you.

180-day warranty:

The 180-day warranty has the following features:

  • Minimized risk for companies in the event of unexpected damage
  • Covers drivetrain (excluding wear-and-tear parts)
  • Valid in all EU countries
  • No excess payable by customer (excl. VAT)
  • Simple, non-bureaucratic processing of damage
  • Warranty Claim Center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No mileage limits.


If you still have an old truck. There is an opportunity to deduct the price of your old truck when buying your new second hand truck.

Financial Services:

FDW Trading offers an extensive range of financial services that makes it even easier for you to own a truck.

Exporting a truck made easy:

If you need to export your truck to another country, FDW Trading will handle for you all the export procedures and formalities.