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By what do you recognize a good 4-season

Coupling system
The two parts of a 4-season comforter are linked together by buttons or by snaps. These coupling systems should be of high quality so that the shape and function last as long as possible. Test the system (in the store or when you receive the comforter) for functionality and if possible for durability. Zippers are hardly ever used for high-quality down comforters. The nice thing about a down comforter is its light weight. This would be negated by a heavier zipper. Good 4-season comforters therefore all feature buttons or snaps.

Quality of down
The European down standard EN 12934 determines which quality class the down with which your comforter is filled belongs to. Down from Quality Class I is the only down that is classified as “new”. Pay attention to this when purchasing your comforter.

Warmth class
The comforters are classified on the basis of the widely used in the Netherlands DIS heat class system. A convenient system to quickly find the right down comforter. The 4-seasons comforter is composed of a light summer comforter (heat class 4) and an average warm All Year comforter (heat class 2). Paired together, you create a wonderfully warm winter comforter (warmth class 1). An overview of the heat classes:

Heat class 1: the Winter comforter.
A warm comforter, for the cold bedroom or for cold people.

Warmth class 2: the All Year comforter.
An average warm comforter that is a good choice for most people as a year-round comforter.

Heat class 3: the All Year Light comforter.
A slightly lighter year-round comforter. Suitable for the heated bedroom or for people who are not easily chilled.

Heat rating 4: the Summer comforter.
A very light comforter suitable for warm bedrooms.