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Discover authentic flavours in a new way with a spinach taco shell

If you are looking for healthier ways to enjoy the amazing flavours that are found in Tex-Mex meals, San Pedro foods will gladly help you out. This company in Zwaanshoek, the Netherlands, has been specialising in creating Tex-Mex food products that are not only delicious, but healthier than their standard counterparts, as well. In the assortment of this family company, you will find a diverse range of products that help you enjoy the flavour-packed meals you love in new and innovative recipes. Take, for example, their spinach taco shell which is a taco shell that consists mainly of spinach. Therefore, you will gain more nutrients and benefit of a lower calorie count while enjoying this timeless classic.

Combine your favourite flavours with this taco shell dinner kit

San Pedro Foods is not only an excellent producer and distributor of their innovative spinach taco shell. This company offers several other products that help you come up with mouth-watering meals, as well. If you are often short on time, but still want to create a colourful and flavourful meal, we recommend you try their taco shell dinner kit. In this kit, you will find all the basic ingredients you need to cook up a delicious dinner. Do you want to add anything else in order to put your own twist on this kit? That is certainly possible! Order a taco shell made with spinach, for example, and combine this with the basic dinner kit to implement your own flavours and recipes.

Order your dinner kit and ingredients today

Can you not wait to start cooking up your favourite Tex-Mex meals? Contact San Pedro Foods today to learn more about their products, such as their taco shell dinner kit, and place your order. If you have any questions, or if you want to request a specific products, their dedicated and experienced team will gladly help you out. Do you not know which product you want to order yet? Take a look at their full range of products and choose your favourite!