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Essential supplies for making jewellery

Jewellery-making is getting more and more popular. Whether you just started, want to start making jewellery or you already have lots of experience making jewellery, there are a couple of essential supplies every beader should own. But which beads supplies do you need? I will explain it to you!



Three tools are must-haves when making jewellery. Of course, I am talking about the wire cutter, flat-nose plier and round-nose plier. They look very similar, but when should you use which tool? The wire cutter is obviously for cutting when you’re making jewellery. It makes it easy to cut the wires from steel, which is almost impossible with normal scissors. The flat-nose plier can be used for placing tiny beads onto the wire and for flattening crimp beads. The round-nose plier is the right tool to make loops in your wire. Making jewellery will be so much easier when you have these tools!


Stringing materials

Different stringing materials can be used when making jewellery. For example, round or flat leather, a suede cord, elastic thread, Miyuki thread or metal wire can be used. Since there is much choice, it is smart to think about the kind of jewellery you would like to make and the kind of stringing material. Elastic strings can be great when you want to make a stretch bracelet. If you are more into beading, beading threads like the Miyuki thread could be the best stringing material option.



The variety of beads is huge. This sometimes makes it hard to decide what kind of beads you want to use for your jewellery. Differences in colours, sizes, materials and shapes of beads exist. Begin by thinking about the kind of jewellery you want to make and which materials fit well with that piece of jewellery. Are you going to use very small beads like Miyuki Delica’s for your earrings? Or do you want to use shell beads for your anklet, to create a summer vibe? Since choosing the most beautiful beads is always my most favourite part of making jewellery, take as much time as needed for this. Besides, I recommend having a good range of different beads in your jewellery kit, so you do not have to go to the store when you start making jewellery.


Creating jewellery is so much fun and with the essentials mentioned above making jewellery can’t go wrong. Do you have a store and looking for jewelry wholesale supplies? Tools, stringing materials and beads cannot be missed in your store!





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