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Furnished tent rental

Who doesn’t have fond memories of summer camping vacations. Whether you were camping in the south of France or in Friesland, camping equals endless play, discovering the world and experiencing adventures. Those who vacation at a campsite enjoy the outdoors and experience wonderful freedom.

Of course, you want to experience that freedom again. Or you wish your children the same wonderful vacations you used to have. But not everyone still has a full set of camping equipment lying around. And, quite frankly, not everyone feels like packing up the car completely to have to set up and furnish the tent after a long drive.

Are you that kind of person, too? You’re not the only one. A few smart people capitalized on that and made it possible to rent a fully furnished tent. With that, glamping saw the light of day. Since then, you can rent a furnished tent in many more places.

With we help you find the best providers. Because we check whether the accommodation and the vacation park meet the quality standards, you can rent a furnished tent with peace of mind. Not just any tent, but a solid and sturdy safari tent equipped with real beds, a dining table and chairs and even your own (simple kitchen).

Renting a furnished tent is just a few clicks away. We then arrange for you to find neat accommodation upon arrival. All you have to think about is which sights to see or which books to read.