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HollandZorg, the health insurer for labour migrants

Are you looking for a health insurance in the Netherlands? Then get to know health insurer HollandZorg. The HollandZorg website is conveniently divided into a section for employers and a section for private individuals.

More than just health insurance

Are you a foreman and do you employ foreign workers? The HollandZorg health insurance for foreign employees is highly recommended. In HollandZorg you will find a specialist in the field of temporary insurance for flex-migrants. You will be relieved of a lot of worries. Matters which you have to take care of yourself, run smoothly with HollandZorg. Here are a few advantages of the health insurance:

  • competitive premiums;
  • Digital invoices every month;
  • reimbursement of claims within 10 days;
  • possible coverage of the legally compulsory excess;
  • insurance conditions in several languages;
  • fast delivery of the healthcare pass;
  • maintaining the same policy number in case of re-enrolment.

For you as an employer, the advantages are countless as well. You can handle everything via the online portal and the insurance data can be easily linked to payroll software. Naturally, HollandZorg has additional insurances included in the package.

Working in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands temporarily as a foreigner is a unique opportunity for many people. Lithuanians, Poles, Romanians; Holland is attractive for many Europeans. Health insurance is compulsory for everyone working in the Netherlands. The HollandZorg private portal is a godsend. It allows insured parties to calculate the premium themselves, compare the various insurance policies, view the reimbursements, read the conditions and obtain information about co-insuring family members.

An important document for flex workers in the Netherlands is the S1/E106 form. This official Dutch Health Insurance Certificate entitles a person to medical care in his own country. The reimbursement for various treatments has been drawn up on the basis of Dutch standards. The full costs will not be reimbursed in all cases. For details, please consult the HollandZorg customer service team. The team can be contacted on weekdays between 08.00 and 18.00.