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Instagram feed ranking

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In 2016, the Instagram developers left the timeline. There was an arrangement of messages and a “Smart Feed”. In the beginning, this caused a lot of resentment, as users often painfully tolerate global updates in the application.

But over time, statistics showed that users started skipping fewer posts in the general feed and spending more time on the social network. The same algorithm has been around on Facebook for a long time.

This is largely made to ensure that users who provide valuable and unique content are not lost among the masses. The algorithm with which certain publications enter the ranked feed is kept strictly confidential. Nevertheless, there are certain criteria for ranking the feed.

First of all, the selection is based on machine processing of the data from your previous queries and searches. That is, the feed has been compiled based on your individual data. The more you are interested in this or that profile, the more often it will be before your eyes.

Also, posts from users you comment on or tagged in their images are more likely to end up in your feed.

Thousands of user actions, even thousands, are taken into account.

  • Who is it subscribed to;
  • Who responds to;
  • Who he likes;
  • Who likes him;

Time of publication;

  • What hashtags does it use;
  • How often does he watch the tape;
  • How long the tape looks;
  • What are you looking for;
  • How fast it gets likes;
  • Where does he live;

And there are many, many such factors.

“Smart Feed” – contains publications from the most interesting and popular to the most unobtrusive. If it was initially said that in the event that the user is not active in relation to another account, he disappears from his field of view, this has now been denied. The Instagram developers ensure that if the user does not keep scrolling through the general feed for a long time, he will see a greater number of published posts.

Let’s say if you go to Instagram every two days, the first thing you see is the top posts from the past day.

It is the same with the number of subscriptions. If you are subscribed to a large number of people and they are all very popular, their publications get the same high activity, you will see the first publication downloaded later in time. But from a large number of subscriptions, Instagram will try to show you different people.

Today Instagram works according to the following principles:

In the beginning, you see the people you like, comment on, and read the most.

Usually, those you are friends with on Facebook appear in the feed.

The users you searched for in the search engine will also be in your sight. In addition, they are stored in the search history.

And the ones you correspond with in Direct, mark / are marked in Stories;

How do you not disappear from the “Smart Feed”?

An Instagram profile is your face, and the more accurate and simpler the page description, the better you will look. Information must be filled in and buttons for communication, incl. Maximum page engagement, high publishing stats, activity – anything you bring up now. That’s why it’s extremely important to create quality content that readers will appreciate. Alternatively, writing posts about provocative topics can cause a storm of discussion.

Use Wordstat (a service for the selection of words / searches most popular in the search engine lately) to improve your ranking from the outside. Trending topics make it easier to find you.

Instagram tries to make the feed more interesting and diverse for users. Therefore, do not try to understand how it works, but work on your account and read smart books….

….. more info can be found here «Road to 100k Instagram Followers»!

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