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Lifting heavy equipment with 5 ton electric hoists

Lifting heavy equipment with 5 ton electric hoists

Are you looking for the best electric hoists that are suitable for a wide variety of industries and are suitable for a lot of purposes? Hitachi manufactures hoists with a maximum lifting capacity of 5 tons. Electric chain hoists help you move heavy things around. Our 5 ton hoists are the strongest ones available.

What are electric hoists?

Hoists are machinery used to lift and lower objects. Electric hoists are powered by electricity and have a controller to control the lifting process. Other types of hoists include pneumatic hoists, hydraulic hoists, and hand-operated hoists.

 Electric Chain hoist


How do Electric chain hoists operate?

Electric chain hoists are a type of crane that uses a load chain as the raising medium. Hoists use an electric motor to convert electricity into mechanical power used to raise loads. A cooling fan helps dissipate heat from the hoist motor during its continuous service. Hoists are designed to operate in hot environments. An electric chain hoist is used to lift heavy objects using an electric motor. The motor is equipped with a brake that stops the motor when the load reaches the desired height. When the load is being raised, the brake is applied to stop the motor. The power supply is constantly released by the brake during the vertical displacement of load. An Electric chain hoist is easy to install and maintain. Their use is cost effective.

Why you need Hitachi chain hoists

Hitachi hoists are built upon years of innovation and experience, and have proven to be the highest standards. Our hoists are fast delivered, and allow businesses and people to reduce time spent completing multiple projects and lifting work. When lifting equipment up to 5 ton (5.000kg), you need a reliable, customized, and best-in class hoist. We offer the finest Japanese technology, including the latest innovations. All our hoists are UK conformity assessed.

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