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Noordwijkerhouter with magnet fishing helps te police

Noordwijkerhouter with a magnet help the police and find an expensive sports car

Two Noordwijkerhouters did a special service with the police on Saturday evening. Father and son fish magnet and have used the magnet to track down a Porsche 911 that had just driven into the Leidsevaart.

“I sat quietly with my wife in front of the television,” says a Leidsevaart resident who does not want to be mentioned by name. “My son was already on the bed and suddenly came upstairs. He had heard the car go into the water. When I looked out the window, I actually saw a car in the water.”

The two inmates were shocked by an animal crossing the street shortly after ten thirty. A jerk on the steering wheel and a soft berm let the car into the water. “Fortunately, I’ve already seen both inmates on the roof. I took my boat there and then offered them a towel in my garden.”

Magnet fishing

When the police arrive, the car has already sunk to the ground. The car lights have gone out. It turns out to be difficult to track down the car. The resident who comes to the rescue takes his magnet and begins to look. “I have a pretty heavy magnet. If you live by the water and sometimes drop something, a magnet like this is always useful. Now too, I thought.”

The magnetic angler doesn’t catch very quickly. “The Porsche is mostly made of aluminum, which makes it difficult. I’ve looked it over a few times and then I think I was on a brake disc and bit.”

No injuries

A recovery company then takes over the work. ‘The car was parked around 3 a.m. Leaving the car in the water was not an option, in this weather Leidsevaart is busy with boats. That would mean chaos on Sunday. “

“The drivers were shocked. They borrowed the Porsche from a friend. Then you go and tell them it started. The owner took it sporty and was glad that both occupants got on well. Recently is a car We drove a little further into the water. That didn’t end well for the inmates. We still think so. Fortunately, these people have nothing. “

The Porsche with a daily value of over 130,000 euros is a total loss.