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This is where you can go to buy Dutch onions

Are you wondering where you can go to buy high-quality and delicious Dutch onion? Bowa B.V. from Waarde in the Netherlands is the ideal export partner if you want to buy delicious onions. They export various kinds of onions, including yellow onion, to clients around the world. They receive these onions from experienced growers in the Netherlands, with whom they have a close relationship. They regularly visit these growers to ensure that their onions are produced according to their very high standards. After they receive their onions from these growers, they conduct extra quality checks and clean the onions to prepare them for shipping. They also sort their onions according to size.

These experts can ship your onions to your location

Bowa B.V. is your trusted partner for the export of yellow onion. If you are looking for a company where you can buy Dutch onions and trust them to ship them to your destination, these experts can be of service. This experienced company processes over 50.000 tons of onions every year, using the biggest players on the market. They diligently clean, de-leaf, and sort their produce to ensure that you receive high-quality products. You can order their delicious onions in different sizes of bags, ranging from four kilos to twenty-five kilos. Do you need a larger amount of onions? They can also ship your onions in big bags or in bulk.

Experience this company’s excellent service

You don’t have to look further to find a company where you can buy high-quality Dutch onions. Place your order for yellow onion or other kinds of onion at this company and discover how easily they can export their products to your location. Do you have questions for the experts at this company? Reach out to these professionals via the contact information on their website.