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Today’s pick: Custom phone cases to brighten your days

The first thing that strikes you when you visit GoCustomized website is the unique design and colour scheme. The second one is a plethora of cell phone case designs. They have so many thousands of them, everything from simple cases to wallet-style cases, so you’re sure to find something you will like. With GoCustomized, you can really make your phone case into a piece of art. Whether you choose to upload your own photos or leave the design up to the professionals, these cases are a great way to show off who you are and what you like.


Upload your own photos


Creating your own custom phone case is incredibly easy with GoCustomized. The process begins by choosing the case that best fits your device. Next, select a background, either one of their pre-designed patterns or upload your own. Then, add a photo or a personal message that reflects your signature style. You can even add stickers for an extra touch! After putting together your masterpiece, it’s simply a matter of placing your order and waiting for it to arrive in the mail.


Tailored design


If you aren’t feeling creative, don’t worry! GoCustomized also offers expertly designed cases for all types of devices. They can customise your case based on what’s important to you—from pop culture and video games to music and sports. It’s easy to find the look that’s right for you with such an extensive collection of options! Just go to their customising tool and check the pre-made templates they’ve created for you, there are so many options!


The customisable phone cases are protective enough to avoid damage against minor falls and bumps, yet it still allows you to feel the texture of your phone. Each case comes with an HD printed photo embedded on the back or the front (depending on the case type), which makes this a unique gift that anyone would love to receive. Making your own custom phone case is surprisingly easy and you can use any image from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even a photo taken with your own camera roll.