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Top Activities to enjoy on of the biggest islands Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the 2nd largest island of the canaries. Due to its beautiful climate throughout the year, it is also known as the island of eternal spring. It has little of everything to offer to its visitors.

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Top Things to do in Fuerteventura:

Following are some of the best activities to enjoy on this island.

Corralejo natural park:

When you are in Fuerteventura, this is the must-see place for you. Here, in addition to crystal clear water and dunes, you will also have the chance to see the endangered birds such as Hubara.

Beaches of Corralejo:

This park covers 5 miles of the beaches containing white sand and turquoise water. The crystal-clear water will surely make you spend some hours there.

Dunes of Corralejo:

If you are not a beach person, Dunes of the Corralejo is the other option for you. Shells of mollusks and bivalves and the golden sand give quite a look to its viewers. If you visit them at sunset, you will be able to get some amazing portraits.

The sculpture park:

In the prettiest town of Puerto del Rosario, there exists an amazing sculpture park. There are almost 100 sculptures created by local artists. These sculptures are placed on the sides of a pathway. Visitors walk on the pathway and enjoy nature and human art at the same time.

Salt museum of Las Salinas Del Carmen:

on a cloudy day, when you do not feel like lying down next to the beach, you should visit the salt museum. This place will surely open up the traditional side of the island to you. On your visit to this museum, you will have to take two following contemporary tours.

Inside the museum:

When you will be inside the museum, you will explore the history of salt, different ancient methods of salt extraction, its chemical and medical uses.

Salt mines:

Outside the museum, you will have a chance to look at the beautiful salt mines. You will also have an amazing whale skeleton decorating landscape with the sea at the back of salt mines.

Cofete can be a great experience too:

Cofete is the most beautiful and popular beach in Fuerteventura. It is nothing but a little paradise to visit on a beautiful sunny day. It is very difficult to reach, but it’s worth your every difficulty. On your way to Cofete, you will explore the highest peaks of Fuerteventura.

When you reach there, you have some beautiful spots like a small village with a rich history, a picturesque cemetery, and a Villa winter named place to visit. Due to a very small number of visitors, this is a very peaceful and calm place.

Isla de Lobos is a must visit place:

If you are up for a wonderful day trip where you can go fishing and enjoy the sun, Isla De Lobos is the place for you to go. There you will have the chance to swim in the beautiful coves and lagoons. you can even spare some time and do some exercise along the rocky trails. If you get some extra time, you can also visit the following spots.

  • Puertito cove:
  • Punta Martino lighthouse.
  • La Concha beaches.

Oasis park should never be missed:

If you are with kids, you must visit Oasis Park. Oasis Park is one of the best animal parks in the canaries. Your kids will love to see the different animals. This place even has a special spot, called Kid’s farm, for attracting the kids. It also has a botanical garden, which makes this park even more special.

These are some of the amazing things to do in this beautiful island in Spain. You can enjoy all these places if you have a good rent a car service with you.