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United States bans sale of popular e-cigarette Juul

The United States has banned the sale of Juul Labs electronic cigarettes with immediate effect. According to the US drug watchdog FDA, the company cannot provide sufficient evidence that the e-cigarettes provide a public health benefit.

Juul’s e-cigarette is not only very popular in America, but also very controversial. “The company has played a very active role in promoting the product to minors. They have been working on this for years, including on social networking sites and with influencers. The product is hip and cool to appeal to young people”, Stefaan Hendrickx of the Healthy Living Institute outlined the hype in 2019. “Unbelievable that producer Juul will ensure that minors do not come into contact with e-cigarettes”

In addition, the nicotine content in the US is a lot higher than is allowed in the EU. People are talking about a true nicotine epidemic among young people, in which the share of Juul Labs is not small according to many. Juul e-cigarettes were also sold in our country for a while, albeit with a lower nicotine dose. In 2020, more than a year after the brand came onto the market with us, the delivery to Belgium was stopped again.

What is the difference between a regular cigarette and an e-cigarette?

When smoking a classic tobacco cigarette, tobacco is burned, with fire, and that produces smoke. This process releases hundreds of chemicals, the most important of which are nicotine and tar. In an e-cigarette, a liquid is heated and converted into vapor, such as water being brought to a boil. The user does not inhale smoke, but vapor.Buy e liquid online at the best quality. The liquid usually consists of water, nicotine and other chemicals (for taste and to make the vapor visible.)

The addictive product in both cigarettes is nicotine. American e-cigarettes may contain much more nicotine than European ones. With us the limit is 20 mg nicotine per ml, in the United States there are e-cigarettes that easily exceed 50 mg and are therefore much more addictive.

From young people to the elderly

After previous problems with the US government, Juul already adjusted his communication. In recent years, it no longer focused on young people, but on older smokers who want to quit. The FDA checked whether their products actually helped people with that. If so, then the benefits for existing smokers had to outweigh the health damage in new users, and not encourage the increase in use among young people.

Not the case, the American health authority now rules. The FDA states that many young people have just started vaping with the rise of big players like Juul. The data Juul Labs provided for the study was considered incomplete and sometimes even contradictory.

In appeal

All of the brand’s products are banned in the United States, effective immediately. Stores that still have Juul products on their shelves must remove them. Juul Labs says in a response that it does not agree with the conclusion, and says it will appeal against the decision.